Praise the leap

Installation of three handmade flags (2mx2m)
Gilan Province August 2019

In collaboration with Ahmadali Kadivar
Organized by: SafarAli Ramezani

The leap year, is an exception in the calendar that makes the calendar reliable and stable. This work is made to praise this leap, to celebrate the exception that gives us a collective tool of counting time and making history. Nowruz Bal is the celebration of the new year of this old Gilaki calendar, which remains in the memory of the people of the mountainous region to this day, and is celebrated as a public celebration by lighting fires in the highlands. During the celebration, that continues to this day, the natives of the Gilan Mountains ignites the fires of Norouzbal in mid-summer on the mountains.

Three connected curtains for the stage of the Nowruz Bal festival were commissioned by the main organizer of the event, Safar Ali Ramezani, a musician and researcher from the Gilan province. For this edition he invited us to make a banner for the stage. The three handmade curtains are showing the passage of time from the sunrise on the mountain to the sunset on the sea, passing through the fire as the main symbol of the event. The numbers are counting the years that have passed since the discovery and introduction of the leap year in the local calendar.