Peckham Stories

Installation / Photography March – April 2013 London

What we typically see in different neighbourhoods of London are slogans such as: “I love Hackney” or “I love Peckham”. These projects are often run by cooperation’s between local people and the city hall for the purpose of making the neighbourhood safe and cosy. But the neighbourhood itself does not exist without London. I have tried to bold this connection in order to create new social political energy through its connection to the bigger image: London.

This project aims to change the visual orientation from the general image of London to the missing parts, such as the common image of unpopular neighbourhoods like Peckham. For this aim, I have tried to criticize three related topics:

  • There is a similar approach in the art world, attempting to bring these isolated images of neighborhoods to galleries and museums. I have precisely tried to not to do this.
  • In this project, I have used the popular kitsch aesthetic of touristic postcards, with photos from Peckham. The content of these photos is the missing image of London on normal post cards, but the slogan is the same: I LOVE LONDON
  • I printed these postcards and I gave them to local shops to sell.

For watching the videos you can click here