Gardens of continuous city

Reading performance
Giulia Crispiani and Golrokh Nafisi Rome March 2019
Colabration with Ahmadali Kadivar

“This is a city that was made by a traveller. In Farsi, a mosafer, the traveller, does safar. She travels. The mosafer always returns, even when she remains somewhere else for years, she records what she sees always in her mother language. Once upon a time, the mosafer came back to Rome and built this city inside her own city.”

“- Once upon a time, before the towers came, the streets of Beirut would smell of Jasmine. If you close your eyes you can still imagine it. Now, trees grow inside the abandoned houses, or beside abandoned cars.

– In Cairo, the trees are never fully green, as they are always covered with a thin layer of sand. Cairo is the outpost to the desert. When you stand on an island in the middle of the Nile, you remember the cradle of civilization. Some of the plants there must have witnessed it.

– And when standing in Revolution street in Tehran, I thought that its trees have witnessed the revolution.”